Only The Modules That Meet Your Needs

  • Only pay for the modules you choose
  • Fully customizable investigation & incident report
  • Fully customizable forms

Top Modules

  •  Incident Management
  • Dispatch
  • Txt Commander
  • Custom Forms & Investigation

Limitless Integrations

  • Payroll
  • Access Control
  • HR
  • Video Management System

Staffing & Tasking

Our Human Resources Commander module is perfect for meeting your staffing 

  • Add employee profiles
  • Manage daily shifts and staff events
  • Manage shift requests and time off
  • Integrate with HR and payroll platforms

Once your team is set, plan, execute, and document check-in routes with our GPS verified Tour Confirmation and assign daily tasks to your team in the Assignments module.

Visitor Management

Manage access and gain real time visibility for authorized visitors.

  • Check In kiosks with custom automation
  • Increase visitor check-in safety with machine learning and facial recognition
  • Customizable passes and badges
  • Background checks with full criminal history, sex offender registry, and automated searches within our platform

Investigation & Incident Management

Incidents and Dispatch modules are available on mobile so your team can record the details they need while in the field.

  • Custom incident reports meeting your specific business needs
  • Suspect and offender tracking
  • Enter witness and victim testimonies
  • Real time and custom analytics with Summary Reports module,
  • ID authentication
Security management is critical for ensuring compliance and mitigating risk to your organization. Increase compliance, improve security, and enhance guest's experience with our casino ID scanners.

"CSA360 has made running my security team simple. With the easy-to-use software it has simplified our daily tasks. We were able to reduce overtime and save

Joe Robinson - Owner of ESG Security (acquired by CSC)