Save time with scheduled messages

Communicate with who you need, when you need to. Schedule messages to go out so you can set it and forget it when it comes to important reminders to your team or customers.

Text Comm Mock
Text Comm- group

Mass-messaging capabilities

Send messages to a single contact or hundreds. Get the message you need out no matter how many people it needs to get to.

Tag contacts for easier sorting

Add tags to your contacts so you can easily group contacts for your specific needs.

contact number  blurred
desktop text com with media

Multimedia messaging

They say pictures are worth a thousands words. Text commander allows for sending and receiving of multimedia messages so you can get your message across with text, picture, or video.

“CSA360 has made running my security team simple. With the easy to use software it has simplified our daily tasks. We were able to reduce overtime and save money” 

Joe Robinson – Owner of ESG Security (acquired by CSC)