Manage Guest and Vendor Check-in with Standalone Visitor Kiosks

With 4 ways of checking in (phone, driver's license, badge, name) visitor management has never been more efficient. With standalone visitor kiosks, you the ability to notify Hosts upon visitor arrival, print badges with their picture and access time/date stamps.

Visitor kiosk check-in capabilities also include:

  • Customizable instructions
  • Pre-screen questionnaires that can be turned on and off when needed
  • Document upload
  • Signature documents that can be templated and autofilled per user preferences.
Kiosk mock
Vistor Management

Manage Residents, Guests, and Vendors with the Visitor Pass System

With the visitor pass system, you can sell, manage, and organize all public and private passes in one location. Each pass includes a unique QR code and RFID integrations, giving you immediate details on every purchased past and future visitor.

Visitor pass system capabilities also include: 

  • Customizable pass types and prices
  • Fast and efficient pass printing
  • Digital passes sent via email
  • RFID Integrations to Access Control

Expedite the Visitor Check-in Process 

Our Visitor Management software allows you to upload your NDA directly to the visitor kisoks, expediting your guest check-in process.

Your NDA will appear with a checkbox at the bottom of the document to verify that every visitor has read the entire document before a signature is accepted.

VM Settings Upload Documents-1
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Manage Access and Gain Real-Time Visibility into Authorized Visitors

Implement real-time visitor management with smart check-in capabilities to ensure your check-in process is safe and secure. 

Save Valuable Time and Resources During Check-in

With visitor pre-registration, electronic notification of visitor arrivals and enhanced safety measures, like machine learning and facial recognition features, you can enhance your check-in process while conserving your resources. 


Create a Safe & Secure Visitor Check-in Process

  • Increase visitor check-in safety with machine learning and facial recognition
    Implement Smart Check-in processes that utilize modern technology to effectively confirm visitor identity.

  • Reduce time and resources needed for check-in processes with preregistration
    Enable authorized visitors to digitally register in advance and monitor scheduled check-in via your command center

  • Enhance check-in communication processes with digital notifications
    Send immediate alerts to hosts or residents when their guest has arrived and successfully completed the check-in process.

  • Establish a more efficient process to ensure only authorized visitors are on-site
    Easily establish visitor identity, quickly communicate important information for visitor guidelines

“CSA360 has made running my security team simple. With the easy to use software it has simplified our daily tasks. We were able to reduce overtime and save money” 

Joe Robinson – Owner of ESG Security (acquired by CSC)