Assignment Automation

Organizing tasks is key within a fast-paced environment. When an issue arises, guards and administrators must prioritize actions and quick decision-making will allow the best possible outcome.

CSA360’s assignment automation module allows you to quickly determine what’s needed, who is needed, and how to address an incident. With the assignment automation you can easily add branch, department, or event fields in your assignment module, customizing the tool to fit your needs.

Assignment and task tracker

Security Task Tracker

Tracking all active tasks is easy with a complete 360 view.  With CSA360's task tracking tools you can view tasks that are in progress or have already been completed.

This comprehensive view allows you to better assess the efficiency of how your security team is completing assessments. 

This feature also allows maintenance and event day staff to easily track assignments from a range of modules. 

“CSA360 has made running my security team simple. With the easy to use software it has simplified our daily tasks. We were able to reduce overtime and save money” 

Joe Robinson – Owner of ESG Security (acquired by CSC)