GPS Verified Guard Tour Confirmation

Keep your clients & properties safe with guard tour confirmation. 

  • See real-time progress and receive alerts of any missed locations
  • Design and schedule guard tours to fit your needs
  • Checkpoint locations are GPS verified and timestamped to increase transparency within your security team
Tour Confirmation
Highly Customizable Dashboard-1-1

Real-Time Customizable Security Dashboard  

CSA360’s customizable dashboard delivers the data and widgets your facility, client, and security guards need in real-time.

  • Your business has a lot of moving parts stay in the know and have all the answers you need in one place.
  • With our highly customizable Dashboard, you choose what live security data you see.
  • View facility maps, live completion, information, and catch issues before they become severe.

Security Workforce Management with HR Commander 

More than just security guard scheduling software, HR Commander is specifically designed to save time and deliver cost-savings to security firms.

  • Built-in overtime alerts, intelligent guard scheduling, and employee availability tracking.
  • View employee specializations at a glance and assign the right people to the right task 
  • Employees can clock-in on their mobile devices as soon as they enter the facility/ location 
HR Commander-1-1
Visitor Management-1

Visitor Management 

Keep your facility or residence safe and secure by ensuring an air-tight check-in process.

  • Guests can pre-register for quicker check-in
  • Smart Check-In with machine learning and facial recognition
  • Customers are notified when guests arrive

“One of the greatest things about CSA360 is how easy and efficient it is to use. Our staff is able to use the system in a variety of ways which allows us to be more efficient.

We chose CSA360 because of the prompt and friendly customer service.

Kyle Giles – Director of Security Live Nation

Modules, Features, & Benefit


  • HR Commander
  • Visitor Management
  • Live Dashboard
  • GPS Tour Confirmation
  • Text Commander
  • Dispatch
  • Incident Reports
  • lost & found 
  • Assignments 
  • Push Notifications
  • Binder
  • E-Learning


  • Implementation specialist 
  • Above and beyond customer service 
  • Built by and for Security professionals
  • Live view of facilities and staff


  • Fix staffing gaps
  • Easily share data with clients and prove your worth 
  • Have all the softwares your staff need in one place
  • Better transparency and accountability with-in staff